Earlier this week it was reported by KATU News that there has been another surge of seemingly unexplainable cattle mutilations in Central Oregon.

These particular cases, spanning over the course of 3 months, have sprung up in Crook County, Oregon; in a town called Prineville.

However in 2019, near by Harney County experienced similar events. Wasco, Umatilla, Wheeler, and Lake counties also have had similar cases in recent years.

Sheriffs from several of those counties are trying to coordinate and share information from the various investigations.

In most cases, the departed animals were found with their sex organs, tongue, or eyes cut away cleanly with no blood at the scene.

Similar mutilations have been reported since the 1970s, from Minnesota to New Mexico. As expected, these occurrences compel locals to increase security measures.

Some ranchers believe a cult may be behind the deaths.

Theories from the internet range in intensity on various topics, from Extra Terrestrials, Big Foot, to government ran experiments.

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