COMING SOON! Penny Royal Podcast Season 2

A blind tweet on a whim to @PennyRoyal23, the twitter page for a fantastic Podcast about the strange and bizarre happenings and events that occur in the Penny Royal, led to confirmation of what may have come to me through the metaphysical. We received a reply confirming that Penny Royal Podcast Season 2 is in the works and is set for a release date of September 21st.

If you aren't familiar, I highly recommend your listening to the first season.

I was originally attracted to the series because of it's strong ties to the Hellier Series, but found that I truly believe that it can stand on it's own feet as both entertaining and informative even without the tie to the great work from Planet Weird. In fact, this series is very similar to Hellier in that I liked it even more the second time around, and I expect that I may even go for the third in the coming months in preparation for the coming release of the second season.

Anticipation abound in my heart and mind. I can't wait to see where this one goes.

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