English Robot Goes To Jail!

Let's take a moment to wrap our heads around the reason the robot even had to have an interaction with the Egyptian Border Patrol in order to end up being detained.

  • The robot was on it's way to a contemporary art show in Egypt to display 'her' sculpture and to answer questions about the piece that was created via 'her' Artificial Intelligence.

Upon arrival, 'she' was arrested and detained in a human jail for ten days. The claim was that the robot was a spy and the eyes, or cameras, would be used to steal Egyptian secrets.

A question.

  • What 'Egyptian Secrets" was at threat of being stolen?

The exhibition was taking place at the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The London Times reports that the customs officers wanted to remove Ai-Da's eyes.

"Let's be really clear about this. She is not a spy. People fear robots, I understand that. But the whole situation is ironic, because the gola of Ai-Da was to highlight and warn of the abuse of technological development, and she's being held because she is technology. Ai-Da would appreciate that irony, I think."

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