Haunted Jail For Sale - Old Gilchrist County Jail

If you have the funds, you can make Florida's Historic Old Gilchrist County Jail your very own.

The Gainesville Sun reported that the jail, opened in 1928, was occupied for 40 years.

Currently the asking price is $140,000.

  • At 2000 sq. ft.

  • 8 Bedroom (Cells)

  • 8 Bathrooms

Though beauty is relative; it is reported that despite the conditions of the outside of the building facility, the inside is actually well-preserved. The cell doors, bunks, and bath fixtures can be found within.

Running water is available but there is no electricity.

The current owner, Arlene Hale, 73, was given the property as a gift from her husband around 2009. Her husband had paid $30,000 USD for it at the time.

Hale and her friends have since been using it as a space to communicate with the spirits believed to still be at the facility.

It is said to be the most haunted building in Florida.

Hale wants to continue to use the space for communication but concedes that it has become too difficult for her to maintain the building.

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