J.J. Abrams' UFO Series for Showtime - Episode 1

J.J. Abrams, and Bad Robot, has experienced success on projects on multiple video mediums and muses. That shouldn't be a blanket statement that all of his work is good, but when I heard that he was working on a UFO docuseries I was intrigued.

I would have been intrigued regardless of the subject matter of the docuseries, because it isn't often that a production company that has had such success in the arena of the box office, would take on a project like this.

However, J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot won my heart over with the T.V. Series, "Fringe". Of which, was primarily set in a universe/universes that were host to some happenings and events of bizarre and strange nature.

So the thought that Bad Robot was approaching a real life topic that by some is considered to be strange or bizarre in nature, I had very high expectations.

To be quite honest though, what I seen in the first episode of this series was little more than I could have expected to find produced by any of a number of great independent production companies who's content can be found freely on YouTube, Amazon Prime, or even Facebook on a daily basis.

I will be tuning in for the remainder of the series just on the off chance that there may be some revelatory content.

I do urge you to watch and share your own opinion.

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