Mothman Festival of Point Pleasant, West Virginia Set For Return

Late September of 2021, is the pending return of the Mothman Festival of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The legend of this, "Man-Size Bird...Creature...Something", has been a draw for tourism to Point Pleasant for decades. Local leadership, in 2001, decided to host the festival in the town to celebrate their visitor in order to capitalize on the historic occurrence.

In 2020, the festival had to be cancelled over concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic, but it didn't keep away all visitors. In fact there was an uptick in the amount of overall yearly visits, and it is theorized that those who had intended on going to the festival just came through when they could.

"Last year was fantastic because we didn't have the festival, but everyone who was planning on coming to the festival just came whenever they could come....So I mean, you just spread those 15,000 people out over a whole year, and, you know, you might get an extra three or four people a day... Last year was a good year for Point Pleasant". - Main Street's Rizer

Jeffrey Wamsley, founder of the festival, notes that the attendance for the annual event had grown to 12,000 to 15,000 people. Those attending can typically expect to experience vendors, cosplay, music, food, guest speakers, hay rides and tours of the area where the mothman man encounters occurred in 1966.

"It's one of thos things where the main attraction is the mystery." "I don't think anyone really wants to know whether it's real or a hoax, just that it's, you know, sort of a possibility." - Main Street's Rizer

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