Multiple Canadian Pilots Report UFO Over Eastern Coast

"In this particular incident, there is nothing to indicate that what the crew saw posed any kind of safety risk to the aircraft. We believe that they say something-they would not have filed a report otherwise". -A spokesperson from Nav Canada (private company that operates Canada's air traffic control system)

No you are not experiencing deja vu. However, it is possible you may think that given the similarities this report and the half hearted one given out by the U.S. Pentagon on the subject a little less than a month ago.

The events were reported on July 30th. Of course, since then speculation has run rampant with excuses ranging from "Weather balloon" to "meteor". Even more so since the publication August 11, 2021 by CADORS (Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Report System).

Two pilots reported seeing a bright green flying object. It flew into the cloud, then disappeared.

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