Not Another Chimera: Human-Monkey Hybrid

China's Kunming University of Science, just incase you are looking for a name for blame when this whole thing goes south. However, the scary part of this whole thing isn't the eventual over taking of our planet, but the whole purpose of the experiment in the first place.

As it were, the primary reason for

the primary reason for these chimeras being brought into existence in the first place was so that their organs could be harvested for donors for human transplants. It should be noted at this time that human-pig chimeras had been worked on by Amiercan, Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte at Salk Institute in California. In those studies the embryos were not transferred into a uterus, so they actually couldn't lead to a "birth". Juan is also in charge of these efforts.

"the evolutionary distance is smaller"

This was a quote from Belmonte's interview for Live Science,

In their published work in journal, Cell, Belmonte and a primate reproduction biologist Weizhi Ji go into greated detail about their research.

The team's work doesn't go without scrutiny, Alejandro De Los Angeles, a stem cell biologist is very concerned about the work.

"The embryos here were not transferred into a uterus, and thus could not lead to living chimeric animals or even a fetus. Implantation of human-monkey embryos would be thically contentious and will need to be discussed by scientists, ethicists and the public before moving forward with such experiments."

Belmonte seems to be trying his very best to convey that the work of himself and his team is doing is being done so with the upmost thoughtfulness.

"it is our responsibility as scientists to conduct our research thoughtfully following all the ethical, legal, and social guidelines in place"

Authors Thoughts:

Though doing his work in China as appose to doing at home in California is more than likely due to them having less hurtles to jump

What ethical concerns do you see here?

I know of a few but add to my list if you'd like.

  • What makes a human?

  • Do we have the right to create life?

  • Will a hybrid human monkey tare off my genitals and rip out my eyes?

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