Ryan And Shane New Ghost Hunting Show - Ghost Files Teaser

Introducing Ryan and Shane’s new ghost hunting show, only on Watcher. The hunt begins in 2022.

If you aren't familiar, Ryan and Shane have been creating this type of content for several years for a channel called Buzz Feed Unsolved. The series finale aired a few weeks back. I was a fan of the show, but I wasn't entirely saddened by the end of it.

That's because I know that the "ghoul boys", were not yet done.

In 2019, the pair founded the channel Watcher on YouTube. There you can find a great array of differing types of content. Not all of which is primarily themed on or around the paranormal, but given the skill and delivery from their team, is very entertaining.

I am eager to see this show delivered directly from Ryan and Shane.

I don't know if we should expect to see much differing from that of what was seen on Buzz Feed Unsolved. I will say that the team at Watcher has a wide portfolio of skill sets coupled with a very inspiring and creative delivery.

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