Ogopogo Monster - Shhhh.. You can't call it that anymore

Since 1956, copyright on the name "Ogopogo", as in the Ogopogo Lake Monster, has been held by the British Columbia, City of Vernon. Now that copyright has been given to the Syilx Nation. Of whom, until this day did not use the term whilst referencing the mythical creature. According to CBC.Ca.

A Drive To Lake Okanagan

In all actuality the serpent creature, believed to be a member of an extinct whale species, is actually called, "n-ha-ha-it-koo". That term actually translating as, "something in the water".

Chief Byron Louis of the Okanagan Indian Band noted that there was a storm of community conversations amongst the Indigenous communities about Vernon City Council giving permission to a local author to mention Ogopogo in his new book.

He further noted, "For someone else to actually say that 'I can actually own that name [Ogopogo] through my laws,' that is cultural appropriation".

Louis also stated that he commends the city's decision to give the copyright to the Syilx Nation, and he will work with elders and knowledge holders on how to appropriately use the intellectual property.

Authors Notes:

I agree with Louis in his comments about this being a prime example of cultural appropriation, but I also hope that he and Syilx Nation will take that same ownership of the legend that he was condemning and give it back to humanity where this story belongs. After all, we are either talking about a mythical creature, or something real.

Rather you believe in existence of this serpent or not, it seems that it is a very real thing in the eyes of Vernon City Council, and Syilx Nation.

I have personally been to Vernon, and Kelowna. Having had been in the gift shop of Kelowna Airport, I can personally see a great amount of financial value wrapped around this, "Intellectual Property".

At the end of the day, real or not, the legend and story of Ogopogo, or n-ha-ha-it-koo, is a fun one.

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