SPOILERS - Sasquatch - Hulu Original Docu-Series - Notes/Review


In short, it's worth a watch. Highly recommend, and that isn't euphemism for recommending that you see it under the influence.

Let me start by saying, that the following notes will be full of Spoilers. If you intend to view this at a later date, and would prefer to see it unimpressed by outlying opinions you should close this page and return post credits.


Joshua Rofe did a most excellent job at executing this presentation of an investigating a 25 year old memory of Investigative Journalist, David Holthouse.

The cinmatography was wonderful and the composition of all the different phone conversations and such were really well put together. For me personally there was some clearly outlying kickers for this winning hand. That being, the music by H. Scott Salinas, and the animations by Drew Christie.

This combination took two things that I loved about two different Documentation works, and brought them together.

The music by H. Scott Salinas reminded me so much of Docu-Series Hellier, of Planet Weird, and how well the tone of the music helped to tell the story.

Animations by Drew Christie reminds me of the work I have seen from Small Town Monsters. Specifically, I am referring to the animations used on The Mothman of Point Pleasant.

I was nearly surprised to find that neither of these individuals had worked on the adjacent projects because they were so similar.


It's been years since the date 4/20 meant anything significant to me. Mostly it has meant that I have a "random" drug test screening coming in my near future, as either this is typical procedure for everyone, or they suspect a certain outcome from me due to my general demeaner. Once I seen the preview for Sasquatch the date became relevant for me again. Once again, this once magical date had come to promise something unaverage.

That said, even though I had seen the trailers for this work prior to viewing it, it hadn't occurred to me that the story would be much more of a story about weed than it was about Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

They used interviews with widely known "Squatchers", such as James "Bobo" Fay of Animal Planets, Finding Bigfoot. Of whom, spoke out about how the material took for his interview was used to take what he said out of context. Needless to say, he was not a fan.

"Well that was a bunch of Grade A bullshit! Watched the Hulu Documentary "Sasquatch" and can't believe, actually it's easy to believe, they butchered my interview to suit their story line." Read More Here.

In all actuality, halfway through the second episode the subject matter skewed far away from the story I thought I were going to receive. The whole thing became more about looking into the history of the black market marijuana industry in what they referred to as, "The Emerald Circle".

It wasn't until the third episode that we learn the truth about the 25 year old memory of Holthouse, and that this tale of a murderous monster was true, but not entirely. The monster wasn't the big furry cryptid that has become a lovely staple in American Pop Culture, but that of a murderous, greedy, and scared human.

Author's Notes:

As a fan of the folklore, and the legend of Bigfoot, I feel a little cheated. However, as a fan of true crime stories, I was happily surprised. I will even further that statement, and say that the finale of the series, and of episode three, will likely influence the way I look at any investigation that gains my attention moving forward.

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